Custom Snood Facemask

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Quick Overview

Gear Up for Winter & Stay Protected


Lightweight, flexible, comfortable to wear and sure to keep you warm through the winter months, our custom snoods are printed full-colour on Oeko-Tex certified material which has antimicrobial* and antibacterial properties.

HeiQ Viroblock NPJ03 technology has been tested to be 99.99% effective within 30 minutes against SARS-CoV-2*, the virus that causes Covid-19, and is designed to inhibit the growth and persistence of microbes and germs on textile surfaces. The technology's’s antimicrobial* properties “are due to a unique combination of silver and vesicle technologies designed to significantly reduce microbial and bacterial infectivity on treated surfaces”.

The treated textile can be cleaned if graphics become dirty by gently washing at 60°C for up to 30 washes, without affecting the antimicrobial* properties.

Tests have been carried out to ensure the treated textile with the HeiQ Viroblock technology has a strong antimicrobial* efficacy demonstrated by ISO 20743 and ISO 18184.

We finish our snoods with a stitch line on the rear-centre which runs from top to bottom, with hemmed edges all around.